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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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eyeopener continues. >> only on 5, a family reunited after a swimmer's night at sea. the weekly routine leading to trouble in ipswich. >> the final showdown before election day. three things to watch as hillary clinton and donald trump square off in one last debate. >> a teenager killed in brockton. what witnesses saw before a tragic crash. it's on the eyeopener. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> a stranger picks up a baby in front of her mother. one thing stopping a potential kidnapping, according to mom. that's ahead in this half-hour. >> things make you wonder, what? kind of like yesterday. [laughter] >> i'm with you, doug.
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[multiple speakers]. >> medford, it was 75 degrees, sunny. >> then you drove north and you're like, what's going on? we were here to the north going, come on, come on. took all day. we've got a little window. we're starting off so mild this morning. look at these temperatures. average high this time of year is just 60. look where we are right now. 71. that's the current temperature. we are running in the mid 60s i it is a warm start. right now the skies are mainly clear, but you can see this area of cloud cover and a few showers dropping on in, moving in from the west. these are going to move through this morning. it's a cold frontal boundary. so early on we'll see passing clouds. can't rule out a sprinkle, especially north of the pike. once this front goes by, brighter skies this afternoon. so notice through 8:00 this morning, here come the clouds, maybe an isolated sprinkle.
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massachusetts. we brighten things up in the afternoon. temperatures respond to that by lunch hour, it's in the mid 70s. upper 70s, could make a run toward 80s in a few spots. cooler weather in your seven-day forecast. let's get you to the roads. olessa off today. kevin brennan in today. >> so far so good. we're going to pick up the haven't work crews on 93 between somerville and th looking good on the tobin bridge from chelsea. from >> hopefully once they get out of here, we can get early morning volume out before the main volume kicks in within the next half-hour or so.
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route 3 southbound will reopen that ramp to 128 north after being shut down for the overnight. taking the trains, all lines are starting on time. >> only on 5, an emotional reunion. a swimmer missing at sea embraced by loved ones after an hourslong rescue. we're learning more about this incredible effort. >> sera congi live in ipswich with the mission to find that man alive. sera? >> it turned out to be such a happy ending. good morning, erika and crane beach for four hours alone. he and his son-in-law went swimming and got separated by rip currents. look at the incredible video of him getting off the coast guard helicopter that rescued him. 58-year-old randall hackett of ipswich falling into the arms of relieved loved ones. video shows just how challenging it was for coast guard crews. they say dense fog, visibility
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it turned out good tonight. we're happy about the outcome. >> we are told by friends that randall hackett and his son-in-law, alexander auerbach, are experienced swimmers. they were both wearing wet suits. auerbach was able to make it back to shore on his own. they apparently go out swimming like this a couple of times a week. they are expected to be ok. live from crane beach, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> massachusetts state trooper is recovering after a driver crashes into his cruiser near the wellington t stop in medford just before mid night. police saying the driver was arrest at the scene. the charges still being determined. nobody was seriously hurt. >> commitment 2016 now. the stage is set as hillary clinton and donald trump prepare to come face-to-face for the final presidential debate. candidates in las vegas this
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what to expect. >> each debate is different and format plays a big role tonight. first, there are six topics -- immigration, entitlement and debt, the supreme court, the economy, foreign policy, and fitness to serve as president. then there's the format. it's the same as the first debate. no town hall. just 15-minute periods on each topic. one more factor, the moderator. chris wallace of fox news has control over how much to push back on the to use leftover time. our political analysts weighing in on what to expect tonight. >> he said in the primary he looked forward to saying things to her face that have never been said before. i have no reason to doubt him. >> we have seen candidates generally don't like each other. sometimes we see things get personal. donald trump doesn't like the press, doesn't like the republican party. he's mad at pretty much everybody. i think you're right, he could say or do anything.
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trump held a rally in colorado yesterday. clinton has been off the campaign trail all week prepping for the debate. she has a public event scheduled in a battleground state every day for the next week. >> catch the debate live tonight at 9:00 on wcvb channel 5. our own emily riemer is in las vegas and will have postdebate tomorrow's eyeopener. in addition to the race for the white house, the election includes several congressional legislative races and voters will decide four statewide ballot questions, including legalizing recreational marijuana. >> a person was shot in boston while cleaning his minivan in
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was shot in the arm and the bullet travelled to his neck. so far, no arrests. police are investigating a deadly crash in brockton. a teenager on a bicycle struck and killed by an s.u.v. investigators on that scene late into the night. the eyeopener's juli mcdonald is live in brockton with what we know at this hour. >> investigators aren't releasing the identity of that young teenager who was killed here while riding his bike. but police say he could be as young as 13 years old. last night on main street in brockton. police were here at the scene for hours. witnesses say the boy rode his bike right in front of an s.u.v. he was killed instantly. >> a child on a bicycle struck and killed -- it doesn't get much tougher than this. >> horrible to see a young life taken like that. my prayers to his family. >> that 18-year-old driver did stay at the scene and is cooperating with investigators.
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anything at this time. live in brockton, i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. >> right now this teenager is on the state's most wanted list. 16-year-old jayden smith is wanted for the murder of 29-year-old jerrod cohen in fall river this past summer. the victim was found in an apartment complex on plain street. police saying that smith and another 16-year-old, joel lopez, shot cohen. lopez was arrested soon after. smitho in andover for a man who police say exposed himself to kids. this happening at an elementary school. it allegedly happened on monday when the students were outside for recess at saint augustine elementary school. police say the man was in a parking lot next to the school and witnesses say he stood outside his car and exposed himself twice. >> new this morning, voters in revere rejecting a proposal to bring -- those opposed winning
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this is a good win. it's not over. question one is still on the ballot in november. if approved, that ballot question would grant the gaming commission to put a parlor wherever it wants. cardinal o'malley concern over question 4. it would legalize recreational marijuana use. he met with leaders yesterday in braintree. he expressed children to use drugs. according to the globe, he sent letters to parents of some 40,000 catholic school children throughout the archdiocese. >> good news for the lobster industry. >> the decision stopping a devastating blow. also a stranger nearly walks off with a woman's baby. the one thing that may have stopped a potential kidnapping. >> another sweetgreens shut down in boston. the violations that may have made a customer sick.
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recovering after a driver crashed into his cruiser in medford before mid night. no one was seriously hurt. >> today we're going to make the run toward 80 degrees. the timeline on the chance for some clouds and a sprinkle passing through this morning and when steadier rain arrives. that's ahead. first, it is a balmy start to your mid october. 66 degrees in boston. clear skies right now. andrew crossley: new hampshire has a senator as hard as we do. gerardine ferlins: kelly ayotte believes in the potential of new hampshire,
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lly introduced bipartisan training initiatives to make sure we have the skills for the 21st century. sue winter: she's fought against workplace discrimination - and for equal pay. claude poisson: she's working for the little guy - i'm the little guy. barb fredette: we need kelly fighting for good new hampshire jobs so our kids can raise their families here. sue martin: kelly is a powerful voice for new hampshire's working families. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte
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>> good morning from tufts watertown. we are working every day to support those living with alzheimer's. >> good morning, eyeopener. >> good morning to our friends at tufts who raised more than $260,000 last month to advance alzheimer's great job.
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with us and record it and upload it to ulocal. >> it's mild outside, but you wouldn't tell from in here because it's below zero. [laughter] >> likes it cold. >> rather nice. >> well, it may be warm in your house this morning, but this may cool you down. i wanted to show this video because, if you remember -- >> no. please. my eye. >> back in 2009 -- in october. we had one to 4 inches of snow. there was a patriots game. it was pretty impressive. this was not the october snowstorm we had in 2011 that was so close to halloween. nonetheless, it can snow this time of year. we are talking about temperatures today making a run toward 80 degrees. but after today, reality will settle back in. notice we're going to be runs closer to average closer to 60 degrees through the end of the week and weekend.
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we're starting at 71 degrees. that's the current temperature in fitchberg. 64 worcester, 66 boston. mid and upper 60s all the way down to the cape. it took all day yesterday for us to warm up. we've got mild temperatures this morning. we've had clear skies most of the night. look to the north and west. you see the clouds how they are working in? they are working showers too. notice what's happening. the showers are falling apart and dissipating. as this front works through this morning, we're going to clouds move through, but i wouldn't expect much more than a stray sprinkle. that would likely be north of the pike this morning. it turns cooler and less humid. that will work in tonight. you see the temperatures go from 71 in new york city to 39. you get the idea. cooler air is on the way. not today. we've got the southwesterly wind, winds to the north and northwest this afternoon. clouds before lunchtime and then bright sunshine this afternoon. look at these high temperatures.
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likely getting there in taunton, 79 boston. 78 in lawrence where you were stuck all day in that muck until late day yesterday. the clouds this morning, by lunchtime from the pike north the clouds are gone. lingering longer in southeastern massachusetts, but you'll brighten this afternoon as well. clear skies during the overnight hours. a cooler start tomorrow. 40s and 50s out the door. look at these high temperatures tomorrow. barely hitting 60 in we'll start out with sunshine and then the clouds fill in quickly. as the frontal boundary lifts in, showers late day and evening, but you see heavier rain to the west and tropical moisture to the south. that is going to start to fill on in as we get toward friday. so we'll start to see the rain get steadier on friday. tomorrow we start out with sunshine and then we are in the clouds in the afternoon. showers by evening. during the morning commute on friday, nothing more than a few
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the rain gets heavier on friday. right now the weekend looks dry, but it does not get out of the 50s starting on sunday through early next week. that is a reality check. not quite the snow in 2009, but -- >> what do they say? it is new england. wait five minutes and it will change. we had early troubles on the expressway. we've got some volume out of the gas tank, expressway northbound. ago. late-running crews that we had have picked up the left lane. this volume is working its way toward columbia road and into the dorchester stretch. hopefully it won't intermission
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93 is in decent shape. mass pike pretty much wide open 495, take you only 15 minutes. to the north, looking pretty good. 93, route 3 out of new hampshire to 128. 93 extends a nice road to the lower deck. taking the trains, all lines are starting the morning on time. >> new this morning, the mbta looking to outsource more jobs and services. the herald reporting the transit agency has commissioned a $1 million study on last week the boston carman's union staged a protest over the plan to outsource dozens of jobs at the so-called money room. new options include privatizing some driving and maintenance work. >> caught on camera. a stranger walks up to a baby in a grocery store, picks her up out of the cart. mom there to stop him in houston, texas. watch it again. you can see mom shopping with the cart next to her. the man comes up and reaches for the 14-month-old.
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shopping cart cover and he can't get her all the way out. >> when i turned, he had picked up my baby full-on out of the shopping basket. she was attached to the cart cover. i think if it weren't for that cover, he would have taken off with her altogether. >> good thing. police say they have not identified the man, but are investigating a possible abduction attempt. >> your morning. another sweetgreen restaurant in boston is shut down. someone complaining about getting sick. a spot check found five violations, including cooked chicken at the wrong temperature. soiled cutting surfaces and fruit flies. asian markets mostly higher overnight thanks to promising economic news in china. right now u.s. stock futures are
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housing numbers today. and the first class action lawsuit against samsung's explode galaxy note 7 making it way through the court system. fraud of breach and warranty and good faith. the suit seeks damages for forcing customers to keep paying their contract during the time between the recall and when replacement phones were made available. >> the european union block lobster imports. that would have been a serious blow for the northeastern lobster industry. swedish officials will try over options to enact a ban. bringing in nearly $200 million a year. a major announcement for the museum of science in boston. a record-setting donation by former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. bloomberg is donating $50 million, the largest
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history. the medford native is talking to j.c. monahan. >> i've always been not comfortable because i never paid back the museum. it was one of those things. i have given a lot of money to different things. finally we looked and we finally found the right thing to do. >> the museum president tells us the money will support their education division, which he calls the heartth >> great to pay back like that. >> $50 million. one thing you never want to see in a bar -- >> oh. ahead in eye poppers. >> drivers will have to adjust to changes when tollbooths come down. the moves drivers have to make right now. a man helps save a couple from a burning car.
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imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child
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imagine if your child were stuck on a waiting list. 32,000 kids want to go to a public charter school. but they can't. if you like your public school, question 2 won't affect you. but for kids stuck in failing school districts, question 2 will let parents choose something better and give all our kids hope.
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>> it is 5:25 here on your wednesday morning. clear skies much of the night. there are clouds and there were some showers headed right for us, but they have been drying up. i think we'll see a period of clouds through the morning hours. they break apart lunchtime. we're in the 60s now, 70s with sunshine this afternoon. in fact, around quincy, brookline, we could hit 80 degrees this afternoon. the cape, mid-to-upper 70s today. nice one, but we cool down tomorrow. there will be rain on friday. >> it's not saturday or sunday
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eyepoppers. >> superhero excitement at children's hospital in waltham. >> i got it all wrong. >> i don't think that's how it goes. a spidey surprise for families. spider-man was washing the windows. once his cleaning duties were complete, spider-man met with patients and their families. who is better than our friendly neighborhood spider-man? you know the window washer are pretty brave. >> they . slithered up to a restaurant in sydney, australia. the staff called a professional snake wrangler to scoop up the reptile. the red-bellied black snake was hurt. someone tried to hit it with a shovel. the snake was treated and released. i don't advocate hitting a shovel.
5:27 am
thing -- >> i would >> run fast. [laughter] >> ideas to open up spaces to park. and restrictions while in asylum in ecuador. what that country's government
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only on 5, a swimmer reunites with relieved loved ones. the challenges for rescuers trying to find him. >> a showdown in vegas. >> what to expect as donald trump and hillary clinton go head to head on the debate stage one last time. >> a teenager in brockton killed by an s.u.v. >> getting you ready for a makeover at the toll. the changes happening soon and the warning for the wheel. >> on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> that is a big story. many of us never thought we'd see the day with the tollbooth -- 5:30 on this wednesday morning. you're halfway there. i'm doug meehan. randy is off. >> i'm erika tarantal. emily is in las vegas for the debate tonight.
5:31 am
get your ez passes. we'll tell you about it. >> yesterday wasn't an easy sort of day. >> it was cool. it took a while for the sun to break through. >> throughout the overnight we have stayed really warm. you're stepping out this morning and it is balmy. 71 right now in fitchburg. average high this time of year is 60. worcester and boston, low-to-mid 60s. warm start. we've had clear the night. now we're watching clouds working in from the north and west. a lot of the showers have fallen apart. look for passing clouds, but nothing more than a stray sprinkle. by 8:00, clouds are overhead. by lunch, we're clearing things out especially from boston north and west. so brightening skies this afternoon after a little bit of cloud cover this morning.
5:32 am
mid 70s by lunchtime. sunshine and we make that run toward 80 degrees this afternoon. boston about 78. 79 waltham. upper 70s near worcester county. nearing 80 degrees. medford with a westerly wind. on the cape today, mid 70s. that sunshine breaking out this afternoon. let's get you to the roads right now. no downpours this morning, no fog. a much easier ride. >>e dry roads and light volume on the mass pike eastbound towards the allston/brighton tolls. let's go to the maps. south of town, early morning troubles on the expressway. work crew has cleared. delays starting to mix with the morning volume. delays extending towards columbia road. split to the tunnel, about 16
5:33 am
brake lights out of randolph. up to the north, 495 south slow at the 93 interchange. not too bad down here at 128 into that stretch. >> kevin, thanks. to the stories we're on top of right now on the eye. >> antoinette antonio tracking overnight developments. >> this is video you will see only on after he was rescued at sea. 58-year-old randall hackett was swimming with his son-in-law when the pair got separated by the rip currents. the coast guard was able to find him and bring him to safety. a teenager is dead after he was struck by an s.u.v. this was the scene on south main street in brockton last night. the plymouth d.a.'s office is investigating. the name of the teenager has not been released. donald trump and hillary clinton set to hit the debate stage for
5:34 am
that's happening at 9:00 p.m. on channel 5. our emily riemer is in las vegas right now. she will have pre- and postdebate coverage. >> the tollbooths will soon be a thing of the past. they are on their way out and the state wants to make sure that you are prepared for the major changes that are about to come. and here are key dates should mark on your calendar. >> you want to make sure you have one of these, an ez pass transponder. october 28 at 10:00 p.m., the tolling system switches over. cash will no longer be accepted at tollbooths. on the 29th, new traffic patterns at all plazas.
5:35 am
halloween. >> the new configuration, you will be channeled into your lanes and you'll stay in those lanes all the way through. >> massdot says plazas will close the center lanes to demolition. the hope is to have the toll plazas demolished before thanksgiving. another meeting is scheduled today in brighton. >> new this morning, brockton city council is one proposal calls for increasing meter rates in certain areas to address parking congestion. it's not clear how much rates could rise. other ideas include focusing on public transportation. a study is due out later this fall. >> these dogs are being treated, saved from deplorable conditions in a new hampshire home. rescuers in pelham describe a disturbing sight at every turn. this morning, that owner could be facing charges. police say it's one of the worst
5:36 am
18 hungry dogs, mostly pit bulls, locked in cages in the basement and some bathrooms. neighbors believed the owner was saving the animals. >> to the best of my knowledge he's been helping dogs that were going to be euthanized. i never knew the quantity that was there. >> the confusion here is that homeowner told neighbors one of the puppies had parvo, a contagious condition for so he had to quarantine them. vice president joe biden is headed to boston today. >> the important mission that he's discussing. also, a man helps save a couple from a burning car. the dramatic video and his history of doing the right thing. >> in "news to go," a boy finds a burglar in his home. the fast moves he made to keep
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>> good wednesday morning.
5:40 am
so far so good. live shot of the tobin bridge. pretty decent in from chelsea. >> it's already in the upper 60s, near 70 now. we've got clear skies. clouds are approaching. could be a sprinkle in a few spots early this morning and then brightening skies this afternoon. we are warming it up. upper 70s to near 80 degrees today. then that's it. cooler and wetter late in the week. clearing for the weekend. there will be chilly fall feel, only in the 50s, on sunday. >> oh, my gosh, somebody -- >> my god. >> oh my god is right. caught on camera an explosion at a florida gas station after a driver crashes into the pump. now one of the men who ran into the flames to help save the couple inside is talking about the very terrifying scene. >> hurry! >> a woman. oh, my god.
5:41 am
on his own, but a woman was still trapped inside. the rescuers risking their lives. everyone feared the station could blow up. herbert says he hopes others would see the importance of stepping up and helping out. >> you never leave a person stranded. you've got to do the right thing. >> well, it's not the first time that young man was honored for his actions. he actually made national headlines when he was just 11 years old. that's him on th truck that rolled over. he was awarded with a free trip to disney for him and his class. a history of doing the right thing. >> coming up, what to expect at the debate. >> a look inside president obama's glamorous state dinner. only on 5, how a swimmer ended
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>> the eyeopener team ready with your "news to go." antoinette is setting the stage for the final presidential debate. >> cindy has your forecast. we're starting out almost at 70 degrees. >> unbelievable. >> that's where it was at the end of the day yesterday, if you remember. it took us all day to warm up. temperatures climbed.
5:45 am
night. we're still there. [multiple speakers]. >> a breeze out of the southwest is pushing the temperatures up overnight. 64 in worcester right now. north shore, south shore of the cape, mid 60s. we make the run toward 80 degrees today. this is it. we are trending cooler here toward the end of the week and weekend. temperatures are going to be running closer to 60 bring the change. as it pushes towards us this morning, there will be clouds and maybe a sprinkle. you can see a lot of the shower activity has dried up and what's left is over the state of maine right now. so not expecting a lot out of it. by lunchtime the clouds shift towards southeastern massachusetts. the sun is back elsewhere and you'll get sunshine through the afternoon down on the south coast and cape.
5:46 am
boston today. mid 70s in the merrimack valley. much cooler tonight as the cooler, drier air works in. 40s and 50s out the door tomorrow morning. maybe sunshine tomorrow morning. we'll have an easterly wind. could be a few showers toward the evening hours into friday morning. and notice what happens. the front lifts north. that will bring a southeasterly moisture, we'll get periods of rain on friday. cooler tomorrow, 62. mid 60s, but rain at times on friday. let's take you to the roads. >> we're getting busy. downtown traffic not too bad over the zakim bridge. the ramp filling in quickly. we cleared a breakdown on the tobin bridge inbound. volume still moving up and over the bridge in from chelsea. to the north, 93 southbound slow
5:47 am
stretch. pressure on 495. delays at 128, 93. >> the expressway a little over 20 minutes. braintree up to the o'neill tunnel. route 3, 18. 93 into randolph. slowdowns out of brockton into the avon stretch from route 27 to 93, take nine >> a swimmer back on dry land after a dramatic rescue at sea. >> the eyeopener's sera congi is live in ipswich with the video you'll see only on 5. sera? >> doug and erika, that swimmer was out of the waters on crane beach for four hours alone and in the dark. take a look at the conditions that rescuers faced. you can see the coast guard bringing in randall hackett into the helicopter through dense fog with near zero visibility.
5:48 am
the arms of his loved ones. he was swimming with his son-in-law when rip currents separated them. randall hackett was found about a quarter-mile offshore. the son-in-law made it to shore on his own and both men are expected to be ok. live at crane beach, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> tonight donald trump and hillary clinton go head-to-head for one final debate before the presidential election. both candidates are the debate will cover six topics. 15 minutes on each. you can also expect it to get personal with attacks coming from both sides. clinton's been off the campaign trail preparing for the debate in new york. trump has mocked her study habits, yesterday holding rallies in colorado. chris wallace of fox news will be moderating. >> catch the debate live tonight at 9:00 on wcvb channel 5.
5:49 am
vegas. she'll have previews before the debate and postdebate coverage at 11:00 and tomorrow morning on the eyeopener. by the way, today is your last opportunity to register to vote if you plan on casting your ballot in massachusetts. in addition to the race for the white house, the election includes several congressional and legislative races and voters will divide four statewide ballot questions. ecuador trying to stop wikileaks from leaking information that could influence the u.s. election. officials julian assange's internet access at ecuador's embassy in london. the move coming after assange's published e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign. ecuador says it was acting on its own judgment, not foreign pressures. >> breaking overnight, a massachusetts state trooper is recovering after a driver crashes into his cruiser. it happened right near the wellington t stop in medford before mid night. police say the driver was arrested at the scene. the charges are being
5:50 am
>> such heartache for a family after their young teenager was hit and killed while riding his bike here on main street. investigators haven't released the name or the age of that boy, but at first they believed that he could be as young as 13 years old. that victim didn't have identification on him. his cell phone was locked. the crash happened just before 7:00 last night. witnesses say the boy rode his bike right in front of at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. that driver has not been charged. live in brockton, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. >> big changes coming to the tolls this month. next friday, october 28, at 10:00 p.m., the all electronic tolling system switches over. cash will not be accepted. on the 29th, new traffic
5:51 am
of the plazas begins. the traffic test will come on monday morning, halloween. the hope is to have all of the toll plazas demolished by thanksgiving. transponder, you can find out how to get one on our website. >> new overnight, an anti-american rally in the phillipines turns violent. police rammed a van into protesters, leaving several the demonstration was held at the american embassy. police arrested 23 protesters who gathered to demand an end to the presence of u.s. troops in that country. >> a 41-year-old man is suffering from life-threatening injuries after being shot in boston. this while he was cleaning his minivan in dorchester before 6:00 last night. police say as many as 15 shots were fired. no arrests have been made. >> right now, a teenager is on the state's most wanted list. 16-year-old jayden smith is wanted for the murder of a
5:52 am
jerrod cohen was found shot in an apartment complex on plain street. police have a second teenager in connection with the shooting already in custody. reports of rape on 13 college campuses in central massachusetts appear to be on the rise. the telegram reporting the number of reported sexual assaults in 2013 was 25 compared to 32 in 2015. experts say the numbers represent a trend of more victims coming forward and reporting the biden will be in boston to discuss his plans to fight cancer. he will visit the edward m. kennedy institute for the u.s. senate to talk about the administration's so-called "cancer moonshot" initiative. biden teamed up with federal agencies to push for a cure to cancer. >> the immortal words of a great italian-american. yogi berra. it ain't over till it's over.
5:53 am
final state dinner at the white house. the president and first lady michelle obama welcomed the italian prime minister and his wife last night. chef ba tali collaborated on the menu. >> an 11-year-old boy from new jersey catches a burglary suspect in the act. police say the boy spotted the 23-year-old prowling through rooms after he walked into his house on monday. he neighbor and called for help. the man allegedly got in through an unlocked back door. >> really scary. >> did the right thing. >> cindy, warmer today. >> really >> i [laughter] >> 66 right now. we've got a southwesterly wind keeping the temperatures up overnight. mid 60s in the cape.
5:54 am
worcester. we've got clouds this morning. lot of sunshine this afternoon. we're going to be around 70 by late morning and in the 70s this afternoon. that right there is the warmer day. you can see the clouds are approaching from the northwest right now. but a lot of the showers drying up with this very weak frontal boundary dropping through. we'll see a period of clouds, nothing more than a sprinkle. behind it there is some cooler air, but it doesn't get here until tonight. 30s behind the front. 70 right now in new york city. you get the idea. a warm afternoon, shifts around to the west this afternoon. you can see the clouds this morning shifting towards the cape by lunch. they should depart in the afternoon. so brightening skies this afternoon. it's a cooler overnight. tomorrow morning, 40s and 50s out the door. look at these high temperatures. tomorrow we'll be close to 60 degrees with the wind coming in off the water. we'll start with sunshine and
5:55 am
we'll watch the front interact possibly with tropical moisture, giving us wet weather at times on friday. most of tomorrow is dry until the end of the day. a few showers friday morning. friday afternoon into friday night the intensity of the rain picks up. gusty winds, chillier temperatures for the head of the charles this weekend. we don't get out of the 50s sunday into early next week. let's get you >> overall, not too bad. early morning traffic live on the expressway. out of the gas tank, about a 20, 22-minute ride out of the braintree split towards columbia road and into the o'neill tunnel. let's go to the maps. busy south of town. route 3 northbound, pockets out of the rockland stretch. heaviest route 18 into the braintree split. 13 minutes up to braintree.
5:56 am
towards the expressway. heaviest slowdowns at the brockton stretch. no troubles on the mass pike. 495 into the tunnel. >> a disturbing sight for kids at recess. >> the upsetting moment that has police looking for a man in andover. a stranger picks up a baby. what mom says stopped the situation from getting even scarier. looking live over the city this >> gorgeous. no fog in sight. >> it's going to be a beautiful day. already 68 degrees in our
5:57 am
5:58 am
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trouble in ipswich. erika: and three things to watch as hillary clinton and donald trump square off in one last debate. doug: a teenager killed in brockton, what witnesses saw before a tragic crash. it's on the eyeopener. >> a stranger picks up a baby right in front of her mother. the one thing stopping a potential kidnapping according to mom scary. thanks for joining us. i'm erika tarantal. doug: and i'm doug meehan. randy is off this week. and cindy is here, with the warm temperatures, not everybody was left in the cold. cindy: no, no, but it took a while for the warm front to lift on through. stubborn. we're all warm this morning. >> it's starting. >> yeah.


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